Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Proof that record companies aren't all bad...

Newly independent extreme industrial metal band The Berzerker have recently recorded a cover of Tatu. Yes, Tatu. The Russian teen lesbian pop sensations.

Now I used to like these Aussie heavyweights quite a bit, but there is something a little wrong with this.

If you are planning to record a cover of this song for attention then I think a sensible adviser might pose the following questions before you start:
1) Given that people viewing the video will just be perving over the women in it, is there anything here that is any better than they could find on a million other websites? They have to log on to the internet to watch the video after all. And there are a lot of ladies doing rude stuff on the internet (so I hear).
2) Are the second lot of women, the 'controversial schoolgirls', even better looking than the girls from Tatu's original?
3) Are the second pair of girls in the video even particularly good looking?
4) Is the song any good?
5) Is the song even funny?

If the answer to the majority of those questions is 'no' then what really is the point of the video?

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