Sunday, 7 June 2009

Download Festival is Nigh!

1) Stage times have been announced. They are on the official website here.

They have tried to avoid clashes between a lot of the bands on the first and second stages, which is good. Although new comic glam hair metallers Steel Panther clash with Whitesnake on Old Skool Sunday, or at the very least will make fans late for Whitesnake. Given how much of the weekend features no hair metal, it's surely going to piss quite a few people off that these two are on at almost the same time (not to mention people who don't want to listen to old skool big hair metal at the time...). Faith No More and Motley Crue's overlap is probably going to annoy a lot of people too.

I'll give it til approximately 11.35 each day before the running order falls completely behind and out of synch anyway.

2) If you're not yet going, weekend camping tickets have sold out, but weekend arena and day tickets are still available here. Presumably you'll be able to pick them up on the day, considering the backlog of tickets that Ticketmaster haven't yet sent out to loads of people who bought there's ages ago.

3) If you're not going at all, lots of live footage will be screened on the internet via the official Download website. This is presumably for those whose baggy jeans are too wide to fit out of the door and hence can't get to Nu-metal Friday.

Once I recover, there will be some sort of review on here a.s.a.p. next weekend.

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  1. Re: 3) I should have added that it may also be so that no one has to listen to the excruciating coverage of BBC Radio 1 live from the fest featuring Fearne Cotton and the other pop presenter not being able to guess that Daniel 'Writes for McFly' P. Carter was playing Master of Puppets on his bass as they did last year.